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Bike Parts & Components - Mountain, Road, & More

Whether you are replacing a broken part or upgrading from your current componentry, everyone is excited to test out their new setup. Maybe you just got some wider handlebars for more stability, super grippy tires for more traction, or a more comfortable saddle for your behind. Changing one or more components on your bike can equate to an overall better and safer ride experience. We all ride bikes because they are fun. We might as well make that as fun as humanly possible. Here at BikeGearPro, we have a huge selection of bike components to take your bike to the next level. Enjoy the ride like never before!

Considerations when purchasing new bike components

Before diving into the world of bike components, it's crucial to consider a few factors to ensure a seamless integration with your current bike. Compatibility is key when selecting new components. With the expansion of the bicycle industry, numerous standards have emerged, contributing to the ride quality of the bicycle. Here are some key areas with high levels of standards:

Wheel axle spacing

The spacing between the wheel axles can vary depending on the type of bike and its intended use. Mountain bikes, road bikes, and gravel bikes often have different axle spacings. It's essential to choose components that match the axle spacing of your bike to ensure proper fit and performance.

Bottom bracket sizing

The bottom bracket is the interface between the crankset and the bike frame. Different bikes use various bottom bracket sizes and standards, such as threaded, press-fit, or BB30. When selecting a new crankset or bottom bracket, ensure compatibility with your bike's specific bottom bracket standard.

Seat-post diameters

The seat post provides vertical adjustment for the saddle height. It's crucial to know the correct seat-post diameter of your bike frame to choose a compatible seat post. Using an incorrect diameter can lead to instability and potential damage to the frame.

Drivetrain speed

The number of gears in your bike's drivetrain, commonly referred to as speed, is an important consideration when replacing drivetrain components. Ensure that the new components are compatible with the speed of your existing drivetrain. Mixing incompatible components may lead to shifting issues and poor performance.

Proper tubeless installation requirements

Tubeless tires have become increasingly popular due to their lower rolling resistance and improved puncture resistance. However, they require specific rims, valves, and sealants for proper installation. When upgrading to tubeless, make sure to follow the recommended standards and guidelines for a trouble-free riding experience.

Replacing single parts vs. building a dream build

Whether you're looking to replace a single part of your bike or embark on the exciting journey of building your dream bike from scratch, BikeGearPro is here to assist you every step of the way. We cater to both scenarios, ensuring that your cycling needs are met. Our team consists of passionate individuals who live and breathe bicycles, making it a joy for us to connect with fellow enthusiasts.